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Are you aware that in the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, a plumbing contractor who holds a C36 classification license is not allowed to work below or beyond the sidewalk?

Not every plumber is certified by the City of Los Angeles to repair pipes beneath and/or beyond the sidewalk.

This type of work can only be done by plumbing contractors with the right certification or city sanitation contractors who have a C42 certification. Only bonded sewer contractors are allowed to work underneath sidewalks and in streets. The Los Angeles Department of Engineering website has a list of all bonded sewer contractors. Plumbers not on the list cannot access the sewer pipes that run under the sidewalk and into the street.

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• A License – We can pull any sewer permit in the City of LA, and any City or County in California for underground repairs
• Sewer/Underground Liability Insurance – Workers Comp
• Professional Team – OSHA Certified, First Aid, Traffic and Trench Safety Certified
• State-of-the-Art Equipment – Trenchless Pipelining, Hydro-jetting, Sewer Cameras, Robotic Reinstatement Cutter and more
• Longest Warranty’s

It's the homeowner’s responsibility for sewer line repairs under the city streets?

Most people in the City of Los Angeles believe that a sewer problem that occurs under the LA city streets is the responsibility of the city and not the homeowner who utilizes that sewer. You, the homeowner, are responsible for sewer lines running from your home to the city’s main sewer connection. This includes the connection at the saddle on the main sewer line.

In most cases, however, the City of Los Angeles will take care of any public sewer problems if they are located in any alleyways or under easements. The City’s Municipal Code describes the responsibility for maintaining the sewer lateral. This is the sewer that transports wastewater from buildings to the public water system.

A sewer lateral is a pipe connecting your indoor plumbing to the city’s main sewer line. A private sewer service lateral, also known as a private lateral, is a pipe that connects a building’s wastewater to the street’s public sewer main. These private laterals belong to the building owner(s). They are vital for redirecting wastewater from these buildings to a public wastewater collection or treatment plant.

Note, it is necessary to obtain a permit from the City of Los Angeles before starting any work on the public right of way. Call SWE Sewer Solutions at 888-547-3937 or you can reach out to the Bureau of Engineering Central District A-Permits/Sewer Permits directly at 213-482-7030.

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