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What Is a Sewer Line Inspection Camera?

You might be wondering what is a sewer line inspection camera. Sewer line inspection cameras are used to inspect sewer lines that have been installed underground. They can provide several benefits, such as identifying problems with the pipes and locating leaks. These inspections are typically done during construction or repair work on a building.

Why Sewer Line Inspection Cameras Are Important

Sewer line inspection cameras are essential because they allow property owners to identify problems with their sewer lines before these issues become expensive. Since most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover sewage back-ups, identifying issues before they become disasters is the best way to prevent a bad situation from turning into a tragedy. 

Additionally, since these repairs can be costly and time-consuming, using a camera beforehand will also save you money in the long run because identifying issues before they require expensive maintenance dramatically reduces how much you’ll spend on your plumbing bills.

How Does a Sewer Line Inspection Camera Work?

Now that you know what a sewer line inspection camera is and how it can be useful, we’re going to explain to you how these cameras work. The camera is inserted into the pipe to be seen from above ground. The inspector views the video feed from a monitor outside of the pipe, which allows them to see what’s going on inside without entering through an opening in the ground. It means they don’t have to risk getting dirty or risking injury by crawling around in tight spaces where there may not be enough room for their entire body if they need to fix something inside the line itself.

The camera housing is typically attached to a flexible cable to be easily fed into the line or retrieved through an opening. In addition, the unit is watertight to be used in pipes with standing water.

Several different types of sewer line inspection cameras are available for use, including fully submersible ones and allowing the inspector to see inside submerged pipes. The type chosen depends on what kind of pipework they’re inspecting, whether the water level inside is high enough to immerse the camera, what sort of problems they expect to find in the line, and how much time they have during inspections.

Sewer Camera Inspection

What Can You See with a Sewer Line Inspection Camera?

An inspection camera allows inspectors to see inside a line and look for several different types of issues, including:

  • Cracks in the pipes could lead to leaks or future damage. Drains that are not draining correctly can often be attributed to cracks in the piping. A camera inspection will identify a crack so it can be fixed before the problem gets worse.
  • Corrosion occurs on different surfaces inside the pipe, such as rust on metal pipes or lichen growing on brick lines. These have been known to cause blockages and slow drainage over time, making them problems worth investigating with inspections even when they don’t currently interfere with how a drain operates.
  • Restricted areas where debris has accumulated may need to be cleaned out to continue using a drain properly.

Benefits of Using a Sewer Line Inspection Camera

There are several benefits to using sewer line inspection cameras.

Identification of Problems in the Sewer Line

The main reason people use sewer line inspection cameras is to find out what’s wrong with their sewer lines. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know that there might be a problem until they notice the problems mentioned above. This camera allows you to see where the issues are before they get any worse, so it saves you time and money by being proactive about fixing your sewer lines.

Saving Money on Repairs (and Time)

If you know what’s wrong with your sewer line, it will save you money on repairs because you won’t be paying someone else to diagnose the problem, fix it, and then charge you for that service. In addition, once your diagnosis is complete, you can schedule the repairs all at once rather than making multiple trips to fix different problems.

Avoiding Problems with Construction and Building Repairs

Another reason why people use sewer line inspection cameras is that it allows them to see inside of a pipe before they begin any construction or building repair work on their property. It will enable them to avoid damaging the pipes while doing other work on-site and paying for expensive repairs.

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For example, if you’re planning on renovating your kitchen and bathroom, then using an inspection camera will allow you to identify where pipelines are running so that these areas can be avoided during renovation work.

Prevent Damage from Tree Roots

A common issue in many urban spaces is tree roots growing through cracked sewer lines, which is a problem because these roots can break apart the line and require expensive repairs. 

Since sewer line inspection cameras allow you to see inside of a pipe before digging starts, they make it possible for residents to avoid damage from tree roots while doing landscaping work or making other types of property improvements.

Benefits of using a sewer line

How to Get Started Doing Your Own Sewer Line Inspection

Although some areas allow homeowners to use sewer line inspection cameras on their own, most municipalities require that licensed plumbers do these inspections. However, you can get help from friends or family members who are trade professionals in the plumbing area if you think there might be problems with your sewer lines. You’ll need to know how to find your shut-off valve. It is usually located under your sink so that you can turn the water off before inserting the camera into the drain (and turning it back on when necessary). If you don’t want to do it yourself, it’s easy enough to find out whether or not your city offers sewer camera inspection programs. Some towns will even send someone to inspect for you if you’re willing to wait, but you will pay more for this service than if you had done it yourself with a camera that you then return when they are finished. If you don’t want to wait on municipal sewer line inspections, then the easiest thing you can do is buy a sewer camera and learn how to use it. Of course, it will be easier if you have someone with some experience teaching you how to inspect your sewer lines (and this person does not need to be an expert plumber). Still, most people can learn using readily available online resources or YouTube videos.

Why Hire Experts For Sewer Camera Inspection?

The biggest reason you should hire someone to inspect your sewer lines is that it can be perilous to enter a sewage drain. Many people try to use the camera themselves, even though it could result in very costly injuries without proper training or equipment. Additionally, if you’re inspecting a brick home, there might not be enough space for an arm, leg, and body to fit through while carrying the camera past sharp objects sticking out of the wall – which is one way that many inexperienced users get injured.


Now you have all the information about what a sewer line inspection camera is, its importance, and what is possible to see with one. Sewer line inspection cameras have an essential role in determining what is happening beneath a property to avoid dangerous or expensive problems. If your city offers a sewer line inspection program, you should take advantage of it. However, if they don’t provide this service, buy a camera and learn how to use it yourself. By knowing the condition of your home’s sewer lines before disaster strikes, you can create a safer environment for your family while also saving yourself significant amounts of money on repairs and insurance bills.