Sewer Line

Sometimes Sewer Line Services require the excavation of sidewalks or underneath the street. These types of jobs require a Bonded Sewer Contractor in Los Angeles.

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Sewer Line Service

Many people believe that an everyday licensed plumber has the credentials to make these repairs. The problem is that regular plumbing contractors hold a license with a C36 classification, but this credential is adequate for minor sewer repairs and clean-outs, it doesn’t offer protection for extensive sewer line repair services.

Why You Need a Sewer Contractor

Often, property owners believe that they only have a responsibility to fix problems with their property’s sewer line.

The city takes care of issues in public areas, right?  Property owners are 100% responsible for maintaining and repairing all sewer lines that run to the city’s primary sewer connection. This also includes the saddle connection located on the main city line.

Hopefully, this debunks the myth: Aren’t I responsible for what is on my property?

Here are some other facts about sewer responsibility that property owners need to know:

  • Sewer lateral maintenance is the property owner’s responsibility. This includes upper and lower laterals.
  • Upper laterals run from the building to the property line.
  • Lower laterals run from the property line to the street sewer.
  • Public sewers are the city’s responsibility and are found in alleys, under the street, and often with the easement on private properties


Septic to Sewer Connection

Many of our customers are interested in septic to sewer conversion. This means that they want to connect to the public street sewer. Read more about the benefits and drawbacks of a transformation. 

Bonded Sewer Contractors in Los Angeles

SWE Sewer Solutions & Construction is a bonded contractor in Los Angeles. We are city-approved and follow all regulations for making sewer line service repair and replacement services under the street and on public property.

Our services meet the strict requirements of Los Angeles, and all of our contractors have a city of Los Angeles business license.

In addition to being bonded and sewer-approved contractors, we also carry full general liability and workers compensation insurance. When you need service that extends into the public right of way, contact SWE Sewer Solutions & Construction for a reliable, city-approved service!

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