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Sewer Line Repair In Baldwin Park, CA

Looking for a quick and affordable fix for your plumbing system? We’ve got the best services for sewer line repair in Baldwin Park, CA. From repairing and replacing sewer lines to sewer inspections, we’ve got everything you need for your home’s sewage system. We employ a team of specialists who require minimal equipment to get the work done. No digging and no excavation. We’re focused on restoring the sewer system through trenchless pipe lining technology. 

What Is Sewer Line Repair?

Sewer line repair is the process of fixing issues with the sewage system of a house or any building and restoring it to its previous state.   
A sewage system is the most crucial part of a building that impacts the overall hygiene of everybody involved. Whether it’s the sewer of your home, an office building, or any other establishment, you can never compromise this part of the building’s structure.
The truth is, there are multiple factors that can lead to damage to your sewer lines. Whether the culprit is improper installation, a physical obstruction that blocks the pipes or external infiltration that causes cracks, or just general corrosion; you need to get the pipes repaired quickly. Most often, you’ll be unable to figure out the real reason. This is where you require the expertise of specialists like us. 
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Causes Of Sewer Line Damage

There can be multiple reasons behind the sewer line damage. It can be an external factor like the roots of a tree breaking through the pipes or an internal factor like blockage of the pipe due to excessive waste.

Here are some of the most common causes of sewer line damage:

Structural Wear And Tear

Every structure comes with its own life-span and pipes are no exception. It is important to regularly run checks to ensure the lines are fine.

Tree Roots

Tree roots often follow sewer pipes to find water and waste that can serve as fertilizer. Due to this reason, tree roots tend to coil around the pipes or break through them leading to damage.


If you have a habit of flushing down things that don’t belong in the toilet, you might end up clogging your pipes. 


All the cooking oil and grease that we pour down the drain tends to harden as the temperature drops and blocks the drains.


If these small animals get into your sewer line, they can lead to excessive damage by creating holes and leading to leakage. 

Common Signs Of Sewer Line Damage

Here are some telltale signs of sewer line damage that we tend to ignore. But if you become a little more vigilant with respect to these signs, you can avoid the damage in the first place.

Sewage Backup Through Drains

Gurgling Sounds In The Drains

Slow Drainage

Mold On Walls

Unpleasant Sewer Odor

New Green Patches On The Lawn

Lawn Indents And Sagging Pavement

In these situations, you’ll require the expertise of our technicians to inspect your sewers to determine the cause of damage and repair them. 

Quick Sewer Line Repair In Baldwin Park, CA

Need a quick and affordable fix for your damaged plumbing?

SWE Sewer Solutions Service Area

SWE Sewer Solutions are reputed local bonded sewer contractors in Baldwin Park, providing services all across Southern California. Our team of experts has served 450+ communities by providing full plumbing, and drain cleaning services for almost three decades. 

Currently, we serve the following areas,

We extend the following services in the mentioned areas.

Installation of water main, sanitary sewer, storm drain systems, plastic pipes wrapped in insulation

Our Services

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting is the most common method of replacing buried pipelines without excessive digging or damage. The process uses small entry and exit points to push the new pipe in while the old one is broken apart. This is done by running a cable with an expander head through the old pipe that’ll break apart the old pipe while making way for the new pipe that is attached to the cable.The receiving pit has a pulling machine that pulls out the expander head while pulling the new pipe into its place.  

Trenchless Pipe Lining

This process utilizes existing plumbing access points which minimize the need to dig any trenches or ruin any structures. In the lining process, the insides of the existing pipe have to be cleaned so that the CIPP liner adheres to the host. This textile liner is saturated with a two-part epoxy, which, when cured and hardened, will become the new pipe. To do this, the liner is pulled through while the rubber bladder inside expands to let the epoxy liner cure. 

Sewer Line Installation

Whether you want to install a sewer line for your new or existing home or want to convert your septic tank into a line, our team of experts has the perfect solution for you. The team will take care of evaluating what your house requires and handle the installation without hassles. 

Sewer Camera Inspection

Our sewer camera inspection is the best way to find clogs on time and prevent the situation from getting out of hand. The process detects any issues within the drainage pipes with our waterproof and rugged cameras. 

Sewer Line Cleaning

We utilize state-of-the-art technology when it comes to sewer services to ensure that the job is done efficiently without unnecessary damage or expenditure. In the case of sewer line cleaning, we either employ hydro-jetting services or robotic cutting. 
Hydro-jetting breaks up clogs due to high water pressure and flushes them down the sewer lines. This method works great with blockages in sewer lines. 
However, when the clog requires more aggressive cleaning, the robotic cutting works best. The robotic arms are able to reach every problem area and can cut through metal or concrete. 

Why Choose Us?

SWE Sewer Solutions has been a reliable and trusted service provider for thousands of projects. We take care of the needs of our customers to the point of complete satisfaction. 

27+ Years of Experience

We’ve been in the business for 27+ years and have successfully completed over 30k projects.

Technology Driven

We’ve garnered a reputation for using the best, state-of-the-art technology for our customers.

Cost Effective Services

Our advanced technology allows us to provide you with the best service at affordable prices.

No Heavy Equipment

Our techniques do not require heavy equipment or hassle some processes like digging or destruction.


We comply with all the guidelines set up by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our technicians take extra precautions to ensure the safety of all customers.