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San Dimas Canyon Community Regional Park is a great place to go for a day of play. It’s clean and not too crowded, and you’ll love the scenery. It also has a few different types of playground equipment. It’s also close to downtown, so you can walk or bike there without much trouble. Read on for some ideas.

San Dimas Canyon Community Regional Park

In the foothills of San Dimas, California, you can explore the 138-acre San Dimas Canyon Community Regional Park. This park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and a bird sanctuary. It is popular with families and attracts more than one hundred thousand visitors per year.

The park offers hiking trails for all levels. There are a few stream crossings and lots of shady trees. The Antonovich trail is one popular option for hiking. This trail stretches from San Dimas Avenue to Reeder Avenue and has several levels of difficulty. The trail begins at the San Dimas Avenue parking lot and continues down the canyon to Reeder Avenue. Hikers can choose whether they want to hike the entire trail, or just take a short cut.


If you want to learn more about the area and learn about the ways to help protect the environment, consider volunteering at Clean San Dimas Canyon Park. This annual event is organized by the San Dimas Equestrian Commission. Volunteers can pick up trash and clean trails in the park from 9 a.m. to noon. The event is free to participate in, and volunteers can receive lunch and refreshments. The minimum age to participate is ten years old. More about Covina here.

Not too dirty

If you’re looking for a fun day out with the kids, head to San Dimas Canyon Park in San Dimas CA. The park is not too dirty, and there are trash bins for all your trash. Not to mention, it has a great atmosphere.

The park is in a scenic location, in the San Gabriel Mountains. You can see cascading waterfalls and towering peaks. The tallest is Mt. Baldy, at 7,814 feet. The area is also close to world-famous beaches. Some of them are sandy, while others are rocky.

Local park

If you are looking for a local park in San Dimas, California, you’ve come to the right place. This park is near the San Dimas Canyon trailhead. To get there, take the 210 Freeway to San Dimas Ave. From there, you can take Foothill Blvd. or San Dimas Canyon Rd. From here, you’ll find Horsethief Canyon Park.

The park has many activities for the entire family. The 138-acre site features a hiking trail, a picnic area, and an animal sanctuary. The park also has a bird rehabilitation area and offers school tours. It attracts more than 150,000 people each year. Find out more!



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