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A snake plumbing tool can help unclog a drain. Before using a snake, make sure it is clean and uncoilable. Read this article to learn how to uncoil a snake and clean it. Alternatively, you can also use a flat tape auger. But be sure to check with your plumber first. Read on for some ideas.

Unclog a clogged drain with a snake

A drain snake is a common way to unclog a clogged drain. A drain snake is made of a long pipe with a special nozzle attached to it. The nozzle is connected to an electronic machine that creates a high-pressure stream of water. This stream can cut through even the toughest blockages. It can clean any type of waste and is highly effective for large clogs.

Before using a drain snake, wear gloves and goggles. Make sure to have a bucket ready. You can begin unclogging a clogged drain by inserting the snake into the opening of the drain. Then, feed the snake line down the pipe. You may need to try several times to get it moving. Once it starts moving, slowly crank the handle to cause the auger to descend the pipe.

Clean a snake

One of the easiest ways to clean clogged pipes is with a snake. These tools are essentially long pipes with a special nozzle on the end. When attached to a plumbing machine, the snake creates a high-pressure water stream that will clear your pipes. These tools can be used for cleaning any type of waste or clog. They are particularly effective for clogs in large pipes.

Before using a snake, make sure you clean the coil of the snake thoroughly. Because this tool is exposed to the drain and the water inside of the drain, the coil is prone to rust. Regularly cleaning the coil will extend the life of your plumbing snake.

Unclog a clogged drain with a flat tape auger

A flat tape auger is a type of drain auger that is designed to fit into smaller pipes. These augers work by grabbing the clog and pushing it down the pipe. They can also be used with chemicals to help lubricate the drainage.

These augers are powered by a manual crank or motor. The auger cable is fed into the drainpipe by pushing down firmly and slowly. If the cable feels resistance, you’ve hit the clog. When the cable stops feeding, just rotate the handle until it moves smoothly through the pipe. Repeat this process until the clog has been cleared.

A specialized plumbing auger can unclog clogged sinks, tubs, and toilets. They are inexpensive and can be rented from a home center or hardware store. Plungers can also be used to unclog clogs in most fixtures. A cable auger consists of a long flexible steel cable wound around a spool and fitted with a hand crank. You can choose a cable auger with a length of up to 100 feet, but a 25-foot cable will clear most household clogs.

Unblock a P-trap with a snake

If the P-trap is completely clogged with lint, debris, or other debris, you can remove it manually with a wrench or adjustable wrench. Clean the trap thoroughly after removing it. If the P-trap is clogged with larger particles, you may need to use a snake.

P-traps are a part of most plumbing systems and prevent noxious gases from entering the home. They are also used to retrieve small objects that may fall down the drain. However, they can develop a blockage due to accumulated debris inside the bend. This debris can include food particles, hair, and mineral deposits. Because the diameter of the drain pipe shrinks as debris accumulates, it’s important to clean the trap thoroughly to prevent clogging.

The next step in unblocking a P-trap is to locate the access point to the trap. You can do this by either starting below the P-trap or beneath the sink. Alternatively, if you don’t have direct access to the trap, you can use a Toilet Auger. Check this out!