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How Long Does It Take to Install a Sewer Line?

If you are building a new home or renovating an old one, you know that construction has many aspects that can take a while. For example, a broken sewer line seems like an impossible problem to fix. You need to call professionals–but how long will it take to install a new sewer line?

A sewer line installation can take anywhere from two to five days to install, depending on the length of the line. There are several steps to a sewer line installation, and these require professional attention. However, a new sewer line installation differs from a sewer line replacement.

Whether you are replacing your old sewer line or extending a new one from the city sewer, you will need to call a professional. It is not usually legal for ordinary citizens to complete this work, as they aren’t trained in it and require permission from the city to access the sewer lines.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Sewer Line?

With the right professional help, you can install a new sewer line within just a few days. However, you first need to make sure that you need a new sewer line or a sewer line repair. If you have a septic tank already installed, it might not be necessary.

It’s always essential to check with local and city ordinances about anything having to do with public sewer lines. Most cities require that homes within a certain distance of the public sewer line tie their systems to the line instead of a tank. However, every city has different laws, so do your research.

Installation of water main, sanitary sewer, storm drain systems, plastic pipes wrapped in insulation

How Long Does it Take to Replace an Old Sewer Line?

If you are trying to replace an old or broken sewer line, it depends on the size of your pipes and how much you will need to install. Mechanics will need to come to your home and identify the issue. At this point, they can give you a more accurate estimate of the time and money required to correct the sewer line.
If the sewer line repair is minor, you are looking at a few days without a sewer line at the very longest. The plumbers will need to dig up the broken parts, replace them, and rebury the line. It could take longer if this is necessary for the entire sewer line.
Sewer Replacement
It also depends on the size of your pipes. Larger pipes take longer to install and longer to dig back up. If you need an entire replacement of your sewer line and your pipes are larger, you could be without a sewer line for a week. However, a good plumber will be honest with you and give you multiple backup options while you’re waiting.

How Long Does it Take to Install a New Sewer Line?

A new sewer line probably won’t take as long as a replacement because nothing needs to be taken away or fixed. The length of time still varies depending on how long the line will be. New sewer line installation typically takes two to five days.

The standard size of a new sewer line pipe is four inches in diameter. It takes a while to lay because of the specific calculations required for slope, gravity, and length. Also, the pipe needs to be below the frost level so it doesn’t freeze in the winter.

What Are the Steps to Installing a Sewer Line?

Installing a sewer line takes from three to five days, depending on the length of the pipe. You might be wondering why it takes this long. What is there to do other than lay the pipe and cover it up? Well, it’s more complicated than that.

Here is a breakdown of the steps of a complete sewer line installation.

Elevations and Slope

Sewer lines don’t use electronics or power to push the waste towards the main city sewer. Instead, they depend on gravity. The engineers who install a sewer line take the time to calculate the proper elevations and slope from the main city line to your home so that no clogs or backups will happen.

This first step is vital for the rest of the installation process. Without a proper slope, the sewer line will back up and cause a mess in your house or yard. The elevation of the city sewer line to your home varies based on location, and the installers must place the pipes in the right spots.

Trench and Bedding

Next, construction workers dig the trench that the pipe will sit in. This is also a precise process–they don’t want to disturb the soil unnecessarily or cause natural settling around the pipe. Once they’ve dug the trench for the pipe, the workers can lay the proper bedding. Bedding for a pipe is necessary to prevent nature from creeping back into the trench and cracking or disturbing the sewer line. Bedding is usually sand or another material that will hold any dirt from settling in the ditch or shifting dangerously. If the bottom of the pit isn’t smooth, the pipe won’t lay correctly.

Installing the Pipe

Before the job is complete, sewer line installation pros will have to lay the pipes. It’s generally laid section by section, starting at the bottom of the slope and heading upwards. The standard four-inch size does vary throughout the nation, but most cities regulate the width of a personal sewer line.

Once the PVC pipe is laid, it’s fitted together with glue and gaskets. It connects the city sewer line to the target house in a straight line, following all the rules and regulations of the local laws and ordinances.

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Backfilling and Completion

Once mechanics have laid the pipe, they pack a layer of sand around it to prevent backfilling. Then the construction crew comes back through and fills the trench, completing the job and restoring nature to how it was before they dug it up. This whole process can take a few days.

Final Thoughts

A sewer line installation takes a few days to complete because of the complexity of the task. Workers examine the distance from the house to the city line, the slope, and how many pieces of pipe to use. The whole process will take two to five days, and then construction on the house can continue.

How Can Install A Sewer Line Near Me?

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