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How Do Robotic Cutters Work

When pipes are blocked by steel, concrete, or a particularly stubborn tree root and other plumbing solutions fail, you should turn to the robotic cutter. It can offer a solution besides digging up the blocked pipes and manually unblocking them, which is a costly project in both time and money.

Plumbers use robotic cutters to slice through pipe blockages that would otherwise require digging up the pipe. They are thin blades that spin on the end of lines through air pressure or hydraulic pressure, and they can cut through nearly anything. 

There are two primary robotic cutters used by plumbers, the DanCutter and the Ka-Te robotic cutters. The DanCutter robotic cutter is designed for smaller household pipes such as sink pipes or domestic sewer pipes. The Ka-Te robotic cutter is for more extensive, commercial lines like storm drains and sewer systems. 

These two robotic cutters can cut through blockages that stop water jets and snakes and is a powerful tool that can help avoid the nightmare situation of digging up an entire yard to unblock a single pipe.

Robotic Cutters
Robotic Cutters

The DanCutter

The DanCutter runs on air pressure and can snake downpipes to get at the blockage with its blades. Once the tube has been snaked down, you can operate the cutter on the backup to cut through and open the pipe back up, either bringing what’s left of the jam back up or slicing it finely enough to wash it down the drain safely. It comes in two different sizes, with a smaller option for smaller pipes and a larger option for larger lines.

The smaller size is operated by handlebars and can easily navigate the smallest pipes to eliminate the strongest blockages. It should be handled carefully, lest it cut through the tube you are trying to unblock. It’s a powerful tool you can use to clear a small but stubborn blockage without taking apart the pipe, which can cost a lot of time and money.

The larger option comes equipped with a camera, enabling precise handling so you know exactly what you are cutting. While it’s meant for larger pipes than their miniature version, it still makes an excellent snake as you maneuver it through the lines to the blockage. 

It also comes with a diverse selection of cutting tools, enabling the robotic cutter to slice through the toughest of blockages, from steel to wood and everything in between. In addition to the cutting heads, the larger DanCutter’s range can be extended with various accessories and can even hook up to a VR headset for maximum precision.

The Ka-Te

The Ka-Te cutter is more robotic in comparison. It’s shaped a bit like an RC car with the blades attached to the front. This type of cutter is meant for larger, more commercial pipes. It’s bound to a hydraulic pump which enables delicate handling for careful drilling. 

They also come with various attachments to tackle different jobs, from complete blockage to milling to getting rid of deposits. Some extensions even allow Ka-Te robotic cutters to navigate oval pipes, making them versatile for lines of different sizes and shapes.

Ka-Te robotic cutters come in two sizes, one for large pipes and one for smaller lines. The smaller version has just as much versatility as the larger one, and they’re both excellent for unblocking larger tubes than the DanCutter can handle. With cutting tools both on top and in front of them, they can tackle the most demanding jobs a plumber can get.

How Robotic Cutters Cut Through Anything

The DanCutter and the Ka-Te are great at cutting through the toughest of blockages and plumbing jobs. Their speed is what allows them to cut through any substance. When their blades are spinning fast enough, no backup can stop them. Hydro jetting operates under a similar principle, where water shot through a pipe at high speed can cut through tough blockages. Robotic cutters utilize spinning blades that are able to move at higher speeds than even a water jet, making them more powerful.

However, the DanCutter and the Ka-Te have different ways of reaching that speed. The DanCutter uses air pressure from the attached snake to spin at extreme speed and cut through blockages. The Ka-Te uses hydraulic pressure to turn its cutters without a snake attached.

Experienced professionals should always use robotic cutters with the utmost caution. These methods require experience and precision as cutters spinning at such high speeds could cut the same pipes you need to unblock. There is a reason that these are typically used after conventional unblocking methods have failed, and it’s that they can be damaging to the pipes if misused or without precision.

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Robotic Cutting Services

If you require robotic cutting for your pipes, it’s best to call a reliable robotic cutting service to help you. Robotic cutting is done with experienced plumbers and can be a great alternative to digging up the pipes the messy way.

Robotic cutting is excellent for getting rid of tough blockages and unblocking pipes without manually taking out the lines and digging them up. It can save both time and money for impossible jams that resist other forms of the clearing. However, robot cutters are tools to be used carefully. Mistakes could lead to damaged pipes that require more work than the original blockage.

Robot cutters should only be used by trained professionals, as the high-speed blades can damage pipes if not handled precisely. Both DanCutter and Ka-Te robot cutters come with tools to help with precision, from cutting tools for different types of blockages to cameras and hydraulics for exact positioning and precise movements, even VR!

The DanCutter are air pressure tubes that are snaked downpipes to get to blockages, and then air pressure causes the blades to spin quickly and cut through the strongest blockages. The Ka-Te is like a remote control car with cutters on top and in front. They are sent into pipes and possess superior hydraulic power to cut through stubborn blockages and perform other maintenance on lines.

They each possess different accessories to help them adapt to various pipes, and they’re meant for different sizes. DanCutters are for smaller domestic lines, while Ka-Te cutters are for larger commercial pipes. Each kind comes in various sizes, meaning there is a robot cutter for every pipe size.

The versatility of the robotic cutter is only matched by its speed. The simple principle of high-speed spinning blades is taken to the extreme and put to good use in robot cutters. Its ability to cut through steel and concrete saves everyone the time and money to unblock the pipe manually. However, while robot cutters are powerful tools, you would be best off contacting a professional service, as robotic cutters can damage pipes if mishandled. Ultimately, robot cutters are a great solution but must be handled carefully.